Saturday, November 27, 2010

Oh the joys of Thanksgiving weekend!

Thanksgiving this year was a good one although we did miss our family dearly.  We ate some good food, went on carb overload, watched a movie and spent some quality time together.  I absolutely love the holidays and having the family all together is always a plus..
My little guy was showing off his "turkey day hat" as he explained it..

We watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade and he was super excited to see Spider Man. 

As I was in kitchen making some food I turned to notice all the food from the cabinets out on the floor and was surprised with these smiling faces once I opened the door!

DSC05699 - Copy
Planted our behinds on the couch after enjoying some turkey..

DSC05709 - Copy
My beautiful daughter and I..

DSC05718 - Copy 
The cousins..
DSC05719 - Copy
Again showing their silly faces..

Yesterday Glendale Glitters kicked off and we went down there to check it out.  We had fun checking out all the vendors and thought we were going to enjoy some of the great food they had there as well.  Unfortunately we went with our usual Indian Fry Bread taco style which just meant it came with shredded beef, lettuce, tomato, cheese and salsa.  We all agreed it was $9 wasted but oh well we still enjoyed ourselves very much and of course the fresh squeezed lemonade was delicious. 
DSC05729 - Copy 
My little man was eye balling the sticks that light up here..

DSC05731 - Copy
DSC05733 - Copy
DSC05743 - Copy 
DSC05737 - Copy
I apologize for the crappy photos where I tried to capture the lights but my battery was about to die and it tends to do slack on doing its job when the battery is low.  Until our next adventure..

Take care & be safe..

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Taking advantage of this beautiful weather!!

We have been having the nicest weather these past few days which means that the triple digits have been in hibernation.  It was a nice 76 degrees which is a fabulous change from the 100's and we decided to head out to the park.  We ended up at a local park which ended up being very much occupied which I wasn't really expecting. Well that is until I thought about it "Hmm... these people are thinking the same exact thing we are, lets get out of the house and take advantage of these temperatures."  I wanted to share some of our pictures since I'm like the paparazzi when it comes to taking photo of my kiddos. 

That's right most kids would probably run straight for the playground but not my lil Handsome he wants to climb.  He wants to stress mommy out within the first two minutes that we're there by climbing to the very top which I did not get a photo of since I was attempting to lure him back down to ground level.
~        ~        ~        ~        ~

My very own baby Terk!!
(Terk is a character on Disney's Tarzan movie)

 Oh man he was trying so hard to reach that darn pole!!

 With a little assistance from us he just had to do what his sissy did and doesn't he look so proud.

There were these wretched bars that he loved sliding down even though he ate wood chips twice from falling.
~        ~        ~        ~        ~

He said "Like a roller coaster mom!"  Yeah how my three year old knows about roller coasters is news to me.
~        ~        ~        ~        ~
 Did I mention he's like a little monkey?

He was all proud whenever he would reach the top.
~        ~        ~        ~        ~

 As you can see he was SUPER excited to feed the ducks!

He loved throwing them bread well up until he realize there was no more to throw.
~        ~        ~        ~        ~

My beautiful baby girl and I posing for Handsome, my little paparazzi in training. 

We had a great time at the park all three hour that we were there.  We munched on some pizza thanks to the Estrella family who joined us at the park.  I hope this weather sticks around for a bit longer because we will definitely be taking advantage of it.  Well I hope you enjoyed spending some time with us at the park and I hope you have a great week!!

What are your favorite activities to do at the park with your family?  What are your favorite meals to take and picnic with at the park as well?

Take care & be safe...


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Look at my latest photos.. Yay!!

Well I had the pleasure of working with Dean Farrell, Orcatek Photography and he was great to work with.  There was actually a few of us there and he made us all feel very comfortable.  Well here they are so please let me know what you think!!

I really like how this one came out especially since he matched the background to my nails.  Which I totally meant to change the night before since it was such a bright color.

This was one of my FAVORITES!!  Well I wanted to share these with everyone I hope you like them.   Again I want to Thank Dean Farrell with Orcatek Photography please check out his website and see if he can do anything for you..

Take care & be safe..


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Palladio Products Review

I was introduced to the Palladio brand by a friend a few months ago and she had nothing but good things to say about the brand.  I decided to try out the Foundation Primer first and I was highly impressed with how good this product really was.  I then decided to try out the eye primer as well as the rice paper which were both good products.  I do go into more detail in the video so if your interested please watch and hopefully I can clear up some concerns you may have in regards to this brand. 

This Foundation Primer is a very good product and great quality for the price as well.
~       ~       ~       ~
Rice paper worked very well and you have almost a 2in1 product here.  You can use the matte side to blot your face with then flip it over and there's a small amount of powder to touch up your makeup as well.
~       ~       ~       ~
This eyeshadow primer holds up very well during my normal work days as well as during a photo shoot in a ooh so humid airplane hanger.  My opinion is it's very comparable to Sephora's eyeshadow primer.

Well I hope everyone is having a great week so far and a better weekend ahead.  Thanks for stopping by.

Take care & be safe...


Monday, September 20, 2010

Ahh.. Photo shoot pictures are in..

I have received my final proofs from my first photo shoot.  I was super excited to see them even though I picked most of them out myself.  He did do some final touches to the photos but nothing drastic, brighter here and darker there.  Well as you can see from my other photographs he didn't do any crazy editing.  Well I'm super excited to share these and please please let me know what you think. 

Time to unveil Miss V. Haven:

Arizona Wing of the Commemorative Air Force

Take care & be safe..

} besitos {

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Rosemary Roasted Chicken & Potatoes

Today I was really craving some potatoes from the oven so I wanted to try out a old recipe that I haven't used in a really long time.  I love this recipe because it's super flavorful and very easy to put together.  Plus it leaves your house smelling very yummy.

I gathered all the essentials:

2 tsp. paprika
1 ½ tsp. rosemary leaves crushed
1 tsp. garlic
½ tsp. black pepper
1 tsp. salt
2 tbsp. veg or olive oil
6 chicken thighs (bone in) or breasts
1 ½ lbs. small red potatoes cut into 1" cubes

*I usually use 3 thighs & 3 chicken breast when I make this only because I prefer white meat and the kids prefer the dark meat.  I also prefer to remove the skin because I want all that yummy flavor to seep into my chicken meat. 

Mix oil and all the spices in a large bowl.  Now I know you may be thinking 2 tsp. of paprika may be on the spicy side but really its not.  I have a 11 & 3 year old and they absolutely love this meal.

Then add chicken & potatoes; toss to coat.

Put on greased cookie sheet or large pan single layered.

Put into 425° oven for 30 min or until chicken is done.. Turn potatoes twice during the cooking process..
Now I usually serve this with a nice crisp salad that I whip up right after I take the chicken out of the oven.  I do it that way because I like to let the chicken sit for a few minutes so that the juices can redistribute throughout the meat.  Add some delicious sun tea and you have a hearty meal that will satisfy the entire family.  Try it out and let me know what you think. 
Take care & be safe..

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I know I'm behind a bit on this posting but I my slight urge to find the best photos I could got the best of me and I still couldn't find some. (ugh)  I know it sounds weird seeing as it doesn't really matter since it's a matter of my own opinion.  I do have to admit that the red carpet shall we say was more entertaining for me than the actual show was.  Not that Jimmy Fallon did a horrible job but there just seemed to be something missing. 

I am in no way a fashion guru but I thought what the heck I'm going to post some of my favorites and least favorites.  There were a lot of great looking people there but I can say that some more than others caught my eye and not always for the right reasons.  Well here I go sharing my fashion opinion...

 These ladies were smoking HOT.. 

These ladies well not so much...

Well there are my opinions on what went down on that lovely red carpet.  Who's clothing choices did you like or dislike this Emmy season?  I think I'm going to put this post to an end.. 

 Take care & be safe..