Saturday, November 27, 2010

Oh the joys of Thanksgiving weekend!

Thanksgiving this year was a good one although we did miss our family dearly.  We ate some good food, went on carb overload, watched a movie and spent some quality time together.  I absolutely love the holidays and having the family all together is always a plus..
My little guy was showing off his "turkey day hat" as he explained it..

We watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade and he was super excited to see Spider Man. 

As I was in kitchen making some food I turned to notice all the food from the cabinets out on the floor and was surprised with these smiling faces once I opened the door!

DSC05699 - Copy
Planted our behinds on the couch after enjoying some turkey..

DSC05709 - Copy
My beautiful daughter and I..

DSC05718 - Copy 
The cousins..
DSC05719 - Copy
Again showing their silly faces..

Yesterday Glendale Glitters kicked off and we went down there to check it out.  We had fun checking out all the vendors and thought we were going to enjoy some of the great food they had there as well.  Unfortunately we went with our usual Indian Fry Bread taco style which just meant it came with shredded beef, lettuce, tomato, cheese and salsa.  We all agreed it was $9 wasted but oh well we still enjoyed ourselves very much and of course the fresh squeezed lemonade was delicious. 
DSC05729 - Copy 
My little man was eye balling the sticks that light up here..

DSC05731 - Copy
DSC05733 - Copy
DSC05743 - Copy 
DSC05737 - Copy
I apologize for the crappy photos where I tried to capture the lights but my battery was about to die and it tends to do slack on doing its job when the battery is low.  Until our next adventure..

Take care & be safe..

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