Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I know I'm behind a bit on this posting but I my slight urge to find the best photos I could got the best of me and I still couldn't find some. (ugh)  I know it sounds weird seeing as it doesn't really matter since it's a matter of my own opinion.  I do have to admit that the red carpet shall we say was more entertaining for me than the actual show was.  Not that Jimmy Fallon did a horrible job but there just seemed to be something missing. 

I am in no way a fashion guru but I thought what the heck I'm going to post some of my favorites and least favorites.  There were a lot of great looking people there but I can say that some more than others caught my eye and not always for the right reasons.  Well here I go sharing my fashion opinion...

 These ladies were smoking HOT.. 

These ladies well not so much...

Well there are my opinions on what went down on that lovely red carpet.  Who's clothing choices did you like or dislike this Emmy season?  I think I'm going to put this post to an end.. 

 Take care & be safe.. 


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