Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Day started off with a short day at work then headed home and made some homemade delicious chili!!
As the evening wore on we decided to get crazy with some yummy hot chocolate with a large scoop of whipped cream!

We started on some lego projects to keep the mind awake.  He was very determined to stay awake this year..

After some minor struggles with finding the correct sizes in the tub thousands of legos he perservered..

He made it a whole two minutes after the ball dropped but he made it darn it.

I hope everyone had an amazing night and started the year off with positive thoughts.  We enjoyed our night together with our junk food, lego adventures, light saber fights and struggles to stay awake.  Now we're off to make mee-mee's so we are well rested for the new year!!
Take care & be safe..

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