Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Celebrating 4th of July

We decided to start our 4th off with some delicious lunch at Chili’s since the kids ate for free..  Of course a shot of my Handsome little stud in his shades..

CIMG0090 CIMG0092

We headed over to Bookman’s to check out some books and to get out of that heat.. You would think with all the books that are available at a “book store”  my darling Handsome would have more than enough options to choose from..  What book does he end up bringing up the Justin Beiber book of course..  We truly have a Belieber in our house and its not my tween..

DSC00468DSC00479 DSC00482 

Then the time came for us to head over to the park and get our little set-up going..  We always have to bring some yummy snacks to munch on while we wait for the sun to set..  We brought along some glow stick toys, played some catch to help the time pass and of course took some photos that were shall we say very spontaneous..

DSC00484 DSC00487 DSC00489 DSC00511 DSC00504DSC00503

Finally the time arrived for the fireworks to start and they were just gorgeous.. Although it only lasted twenty minutes it was a constant array of bright and bold colors bursting in the sky..  We had an amazing time together and it would have been a perfect holiday if daddy had been able to make it..

DSC00522 DSC00523


Take Care & Be Safe…

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